Below you will find a list of the stationery, materials, and kit that I use as an illustrator. I have popped some links in there to make it as helpful as possible! 


I have used Schminke watercolours exclusively since I was 15, when my Dad gifted me a set. They are so vibrant and can be layered so beautifully... it would take a lot for me to sway to another brand! They are more pricey than other brands on the market but I love their quality and colour range. You can buy different sized pans, but I have the largest set. You can also buy the pans separately too which makes it really easy to swap and change. 

Available here and here.

I have recently really got into gouache paints and have found my favourites are Schminke and Winsor & Newton.

They both have a choice of sets or individual colours. I recommend the Introductory Set for W&N, but the single colours for Schminke. The W&N set can also be found here


The coloured pencils I use are Caran D'ache Luminance and can be found here and here. They're amazing colours, so dreamy to use and layer beautifully with each other, as well as working really well on top of watercolours, inks, gouache, brush pens and other mediums. I started out with the set of 20, and then treated myself to the wooden set of 76 Colours, which I loved! Now I just buy the ones that run out as singles. I include my favourite colours in my Patreon Pack which anyone can buy, but if you sign up to my Patreon, you get a lovely discount!.


The other pencil crayons that I have a few colours of and are really lovely to use are the Derwent Lightfast. They have great shades of skin tones and greens. My favourite 3 colours are: Green Earth, Dusky Pink and Midnight Black.

My favourite graphite pencils to draw and sketch with are these Blackwing Pencils.

But I also love a Tombow Mono100 4B


I use a few different pens in my work. I have recently fallen in love with brush pens as they are a great alternate for quick drawings/drawing on location. They are often water soluble so you can add water to give them a painted feel if necessary. The brands I use are: Tombow ABT Brush pens, Ecoline Brush Pens (which are refillable!) and Faber Castell Brush Pens. I recommend all these are bought as individual colours as the sets can contain very brash colours that you will never use! 

I have also started using Liquitex Acrylic Markers. These are really chunky and fun to use. Just to note, pencil crayons do not work well over these but oil pastels do! 

For outlines, I have been using the Tombow Monotwin, as it is oil based and therefore goes over everything! Its a great quick and easy alternate to dip pen and ink. Just note that if you use fixative on this, it will bleed through to the page behind. It can also be bought here.


I use 3 different brands of sketchbooks for my work. For my travel journals, I make my own sketchbooks with Bockingford paper.

For my day to day sketchbooks, I use a Moleskine Sketchbook. I have these in A3, A4, A5, A6 and Square. I love the paper in these and use paint, pencil, ink and brush pens in them.

I have recently started using a Pith Sketchbook, which is slightly larger than A4. This book is beautifully bound so it opens flat, and is a joy to paint on. It also has such strong paper that you can work on each page back to back without anything soaking through! I highly recommend this book!


For my outlines, I love to use Dip Pen & Ink.

The ink I use is Daler Rowney.

The dip pen holders I use are these cork ones, which I love and fit my nibs perfectly. 

I use a variety of nibs, and oftem try and collect some at Car Boot Fairs. I use drawing nibs, and the Leonardt is my favourite, followed by the Post Office Nib.