A lovely illustration of Herdwick Sheep (native to The Lake District in England). This print depicts the traditional Cumbrian numbers (1 - 10) with sheep to match.

FUN FACT: Farmers only needed to count to 20 using this dialect, as when they were counting sheep,  they would have a bunch of pebbles in one pocket, and when they reached 20, they would move a rock from one pocket to the other. Then at the end, they would just have a few pebbles to count (e.g. 5 pebbles would be 100 sheep) This saved them from losing count and having to start again! 


Perfect for a living room, kitchen or Child's bedroom!


Illustrated by me. Printed in The Lake District.



30 x 30cm Unframed Print


Looking for a frame for this print, and don't want to get it professionally framed?

Ikea do the perfect frame that fits it perfectly (with the mount). Available in White, black and oak.

 Just search 'RIBBA' on their site.

Print - Cumbrian Dialect Numbers