I have created a custom pack of materials that I will be using in my Patreon Tier 2  tutorial videos. (link below). In these videos, I will be talking about how to draw a variety of subjects, and I will be using these exact colours for the first 8-10 months. This pack is perfect for anyone wanting to follow my patreon, as well as for anyone who wants to try some beautiful new colours or materials.


PLEASE NOTE: This pack is not exclusive to Patreon members, it is available for anyone! However, if you have joined my Patreon, you can get a voucher code so this pack is ONLY £59.75!


Please see more details below or sign up to my patreon at:


This pack includes:


The following ABT Tombow Brush Pens:

N60 X 1

491 X 1

126 X 1

158 X 1

992 X 1

845 X 1


The Following Caran D'ache Luminance Pencils:


508 X 1

661 X 1

571 X 1

866 X 1

093 X 1

077 X 1

736 X 1

061 X 1

030 X 1

225 X 1



1 x Tombow Mono100 4B Pencil, and 1 x Tombow Monotwin Permenant Pen


Patreon Starter Pack